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the zen of asynchronous webs

We specialize in creating agile, fluid, asynchronous systems and are passionate about web standards, modular development and the power of open source tools.

For over a decade we have immersed in evolving semantic web technologies. We facilitate collaboration by creating lean, accessible, adaptive software that helps you gather, share, visualize and draw insight from the information that surrounds you everyday.

We are experienced using a Java (including Java 8), SQL, Javascript / JSON, XML / XSLT / HTML / CSS technology stack. In the past several years we have also leveraged nodeJS / expressJS and NoSQL. We have harnessed the power of both object-oriented and functional paradigms.

We have developed creative solutions to:

  • generate multichannel video and sound environments. Our exploration of cross-media forms has moved along a continuum from the production of print books and recorded sound / fixed video work into creating transmedia landscapes which flow from the digital web into physical installation and performance spaces
  • simulate, visualize, and assess the impact of various environmental stressors on ecosystem dynamics
  • provide training and technical assistance to a geographically-dispersed community of social-change / social-service organizations
  • provide a HIPAA-compliant supports planning system that improves supports planning, service delivery, and outcome measurement in disabilities services. This application includes client assessment tools, service delivery and incident reporting, human resource and training modules and an online resource library. It is delivered using an application service provider model that allows the client to provide real-time information to a distributed user base via the web. Its role-based security model delivers information tailored to the user on a need-to-know basis and allows the organization to provide exactly the tools needed to facilitate specific job responsibilities.

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the school of impermanence

We offer classes in web technologies (Java, nodeJS / expressJS, SQL, NoSQL, JSON, Javascript, and HTML5 / CSS3), project management, the Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro, InDesign, Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator), social media and effective storytelling.